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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   73
State :   Utah
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Space age sleepin', dudes.
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img 09-01-2010

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Not an ultra-light backpacker but do LOVE the knicky knacks of these modern times.  Been using a Therm-A-Rest self-inflating mattress for years...thin and only half length.  Picture toss and turn all night...barely better than the rocks under my tent.  Just scored on Ebay!  Got one of the new Therm-A-Rest NeoAir inflatables for meager shekels.  Great Scott!  What have I been missing?  Full length.  Sleeping bag stays put on the friction surface.  Way adjustably thick and comfortable.  Aluminized to reflect body heat and has multiple horizontal air pockets for stability.  ...And the best part, the sucker only weighs 14 teensy freaking ounces with less than 1/3rd the volume and weight of previous shorty mattress I've been using.  Check out the comparison to a liter bottle...small stuff sack without compression.  Room for more food and gear now.  Arrived in the mail today and have the jitters to get out and try it someplace other than my backyard.  Doo dah!  Anybody else used these yet?  Doesn't take much to get this ol' geezer's blood boiling to hit the turf.
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