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img 09-15-2010

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Goin' on 44 years hiking about with my woodland angel, Camille.  What a true sport.  She has climbed the trails with me and the kids, ate the dust, caught and fried fish, drenched herself in the campfire smoke, slept in the tents, carried a pack, and doctored bee stings.  My little trail nymph sidekick is the best wife on the planet and still gets out there with me though the rock jumping days have been tempered somewhat with age.  This was a day to remember.  We had the forest all to ourselves beside the lush greenery of the Little North Santiam River in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.  The roaring water was cold, deep, and clear to the bottom of 10 to 15 foot holes.  The air was so clean and crisp it was like drinking it from a pure spring.  This is a great day hike for any of you.  Do it.  Shady Cove.
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