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Vietnamese day hikers.
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img 09-28-2010

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This session classified but must be shared.  Couple in picture from Hanoi, Vietnam.  I'll only call them Tien and Chi.  Met them during six trips to Vietnam.  They were first couple allowed out of Socialist Republic of Vietnam to America since Vietnam war ended.  Chi had eye problem that blinded one eye.  Privileged to work with Embassy of United States, Governor Kitzhaber of Oregon who is M.D., and Operation Smile physicians to bring them to U.S. for aid.  Father of Tien was very big V.I.P. who led invasion of Cambodia in 1975.  He was next in line for Vietnam's president but died of cancer.   Once enemies, this couple became great friends to U.S.  Stayed at my home in Salem, Oregon for a month at Christmastime.  Introduced them to the wonders of the Northwest including 600 foot Multnomah Falls in Columbia River Gorge.  Went nuts hiking the trails around lower falls then up toward main upper falls from Christmas lighted historic lodge.  Nothing like it in Vietnam.  Very, very cold to them, however, so the day hike became more like day sprint to keep warm.  We are so blessed in America.  Many of our day hikes are lifetime memories for some.
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